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Product Information

You will find beautiful artwork, fine art prints and much more in my shop.

Most of my prints are available in two options: beautiful prints and shimmering extra beautiful hand-embellished fine art prints. The embellished fine art prints are turned into unique artworks themselves by adding of up to five different shimmering and pearlescent colors which will catch your eyes when looking at the print from different angles. If you are looking for a very special and captivating piece of art, I would highly recommend to go for this option.

Since art is something special and exclusive, all prints are only available in small quantities of maximum 20. Once they sell out, I will not print them again.


Sustainability of Products

All products, except for the fine art prints, are sustainably made by providers who themselves take the protection of the environment seriously. As soon as I am able to print from home, I will shift towards sustainable fine art prints only – which I am currently testing.

I will keep you posted on that.


Fine Art Prints

The fine art prints are high quality reproductions of my artwork which are meant to last a long time (i.e. even your grand-grand-children will enjoy them!). The fine art prints in my shop are printed on professional fine art paper, which is manufactured in Germany. The beautifully structured mould-made 310 gsm paper is astoundingly soft and has the haptics of watercolor paper. Hence, each print is indistinguishable from an original with an incredible depth of color – at a very affordable price (compared to the original). I get the prints made at a German print shop which is specialized in reproduction of artworks and photography. Therefore, the colors of each print are astonishingly vibrant and they have a beautiful depth.

Each print series is a limited edition, consisting of quantities between 10 and 20 fine art prints per series. Each print has a number and is signed by me. Once they are sold out, I will never print them again, so make sure to get your favorite piece in time.

It needs to be mentioned, that the manufacturer of the fine art papers has their own reforestation, animal protection and environmental education programs, which, in combination with the amazing longevity and quality of the products, makes a good deal for me from a sustainability perspective.


Eco Prints

I have found a German printing company whose supply chain is aligned with my values by being environmentally-friendly, contributing to social und sustainable projects, as well as animal protection. The production of the eco prints is climate-neutral and renewable energy is used. The prints are made with vegan, eco-friendly plant oil-based ink on recycled paper meeting certain eco-standards. Therefore, my sourcing might be slightly more expensive, but the papers are all certified by Euroblume or Blauer Engel and, to top that, recycled. All information about those certifications can be found here: Eco-Label and Blauer Engel.

The prints are colorful and matt. However, since the paper and ink used may be eco-friendly and organic but not archival, the beauty might fade a bit some years down the line. Make sure to not expose it to direct sunlight. They are a good budget option to enjoy your favorite art work at an even more affordable price. Each print series is a limited edition of quantities between 10-20 of eco prints per series and they are signed by me. Once they are sold out, I will never print them again, so make sure to get your favorite piece in time.


Postcards (available soon)

Postcards (sized DIN A6) will be available in larger, but still limited quantities. They are made by the same company as the eco prints



The stickers available in my shop are made from recycled and certified materials as well. In addition to that, the adhesive is vegan.


Defective Products

Sometimes it can happen that a print arrives at my place not meeting the high standards I have set for my products. May it be a scratch, color mismatch or anything that decreases the quality, but not the beauty of an art print. Since I am very conscious of the environment, no print is going to waste. If a print has a small error, I’ll either cover them with beautifully shimmering watercolor paints or you will find it at a discounted price. The product will be marked in its description and product title accordingly as “special beauty”.


Original Artworks

My original artworks are done on vegan Fabriano Artistico or Arches paper (I am still using this pad up after getting to know it’s not vegan) with vegan paints from Lukas 1862, Van Gogh and Daniel Smith as well as Winsor and Newton (which also is not vegan as I got to know, so I will be using them up as well), White Nights (which I received as a gift, I know they are honey based but yet I will also use them up) and some hand-made, high quality watercolors from small sellers on Etsy who I would like to support as well. In order to preserve the vibrancy of the colors, I use a UV varnish after completing a piece. However, I advise you to not expose your beautiful original to direct sunlight.



I do accept commissions. The prices for my artworks vary depending on factors like: complexity, amount of people in the painting, size and time. I will provide a commission contract in English, which includes all the details with regard to reviews and complexity, materials etc. for you. Feel free to reach out to to get more information about your personal project idea.

If you would like to have a custom illustration please contact me under the above mentioned e-mail address,


Sustainability of Shipping

Since I am aware that shipping abroad is not environmentally friendly, but I still want people from all over the world to enjoy my art, I will compensate for each product shipped and plant a tree via Plant for the Planet with every purchase made in my shop. The purchase will happen once a month and if you would like to receive the certificate, feel free to contact me, I will happily provide it via e-mail. You can choose to buy an additional tree yourself, just add the option “plant a tree” when choosing the add-ons to your purchase. Feel free to follow the link and buy or gift a tree (or a couple of hundred trees) independently from your purchase.

The envelopes used for shipping are made from recycled materials which are FSC certified and they are recyclable. I even reuse the packaging of my print orders – so please don’t worry if you find your package thoroughly re-sealed with eco-friendly tape. 

The sleeves, in which I wrap the prints and paintings for additional protection, are made from glassine. This material is acid free and therefore archival. Unlike the usual plastic sleeves which are typically used to protect prints and artworks, glassine is more sustainable and recyclable as well.


Returns Policy

No matter how carefully I wrap an artwork or print, I can never guarantee that each item reaches its destination in perfect condition. If this unlikely case occurs, please contact me via so we can find a solution together.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.